How Each Type of Hosting Works

Shared Hosting – This is the cheapest web hosting type that nearly everybody needs. Shared web hosting companies, such as FatCow hosting, provide you with the ability to take your site or blog live to the world. They put you on the same server as other accounts and you will share the resources in a “free for all” type of way.

The options with shared web hosting are usually unlimited and you can get a package for under $4 a month. This is the most popular website hosting for many reasons and the best web hosting for most. Starting a blog, small business website, personal site or any other type of online project usually starts with shared web hosting.

Cloud Hosting – The biggest draw for cloud hosting users is the ability to share a network of servers instead of just one. The only issues is this is usually not necessary and cloud hosting is more expensive. It is also a very new type of hosting with some bugs that need worked out. Many believe that unless you pay extra for a private cloud, you are at risk of a hacker getting into the files of your site.


VPS Hosting – Businesses and individuals looking for a higher level of security and performance will need VPS hosting. This falls between shared and dedicated hosting and gives you a partition of the server as your own. You can customize the type of security you want to use and you can even customize the control panel.

The performance is a bit better than shared hosting, but it will cost quite a bit more. Yes, some advertise cheap VPS hosting accounts, but these don’t come from the best web hosting companies and they won’t give you many resources. This is how they get you to start with them and spend more. VPS hosting will cost between $50 and $200 a month for a good package.

Dedicated Server Hosting – As far as performance and security, a dedicated server is the best way to go. If you want the best of the best, you will spend a pretty penny, however. Dedicated servers can start as low as $60, but they won’t give you the resources or the reliability you really need. To get a good dedicated server, you will need to spend at least $150 a month.


Of course, with a dedicated server, you get all the resources for your websites and blogs without any sharing. This can really help you if your websites and blogs gain a large amount of traffic, but if you don’t get over 5,000 visitors a day, you won’t need a dedicated server, unless you need a high level of security.

Choosing the Right Hosting

If you are like many and this is your first hosting account, start with a shared web hosting account from FatCow. They will give you everything you need to get started and they feature award winning service and support. Their Linux servers are very secure and reliable. You can start your blog or website with FatCow without an issue.

Most people that need hosting don’t need more than a shared hosting account. The other types of hosting are for medium to large businesses, those running a large network of sites and blogs and some of the larger internet marketing firms. If you just want to start a website, blog or even a few of both, a shared web hosting account is the best web hosting for you.

Webhosting Hub is a hosting company that offers cheap and reliable hosting services. Apart from offering traditional webhosting, this company also offers WordPress hosting, concrete5 hosting, Durpal hosting and PrestaShop hosting.

Web hosting

Webhosting Hub offers webhosting at $4.99 per month. The core features that are offered in its webhosting plan are unlimited bandwidth, unlimited disk space, unlimited websites, round the clock customer support, money back guarantee and Unlimited MySQL databases. Furthermore, its webhosting plans also incorporate various other features such as unlimited email accounts, email forwarding, auto-responders, E-Commerce tools, photo sharing tools and CMS.


Despite the fact that a lot of hosting companies have started to offer coupons and discounts to their customer, I couldn’t find any active coupon of Webhosting Hub for 2013. Well I believe that this hosting company should offer some incentives for customers if it aims to enhance its customer base. Last year, Webhosting Hub offered various coupons and discounts for its customers. Coupons help to lower the price of a hosting plan. Moreover, coupons always create a win-win situation for both the parties. From the consumer’s point of view, coupons help to lower the price of a hosting plan whereas from a company’s point of view they help to increase sales.

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